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Experimental Web Circle "Ideal Data Culture

Speaker: Dr. Mark Heckmann, Co-Founder - culturetools.io

October 20, 2022 - 3 pm

Dear communication excellencies, this is an invitation to a very special web circle. All participants will contribute to the creation of a vision, a target picture for "Ideal Data Culture". Excellence Forum will use this target picture in the future to make progress towards the ideal data culture measurable and visible. This will be made possible through our cooperation with culturetools.io. The start-up showed us at the ...

Internal controversies - at what point does Corp Comm react? And if so: how?

Speaker: Jens Tangemann, Head of Digital Channel Management - Deutsche Bank

April 28 2022 - 3 pm

For "Die Internne", the promotion of "Speak-up Culture" is the order of the day. Employees should be able to say what they think and show what they stand for. But what happens when employees stir up controversy that floods internal comment columns? What if the tone gets rough, political or polarizing debates get out of hand? Is netiquette enough to moderate this? ...

Culture eats dashboards for breakfast? What can be done to finally put data to use?

Speaker: Matthias Harenburg, Communication Performance Manager - Siemens Heathineers

March 24 2022 - 3 pm

Who in the "Analytics" environment is not familiar with this situation: A new dashboard or analytics service is completed in a first version, you roll out, look forward to the expansion, ask for feedback - and it comes: nothing. No suggestion, no request, no wish. That's how it's been internally for almost all new dashboards or data services, for 20 years. ...

KPI - Key Problem Indicators. What to do when data contradict each other?

Speaker: Marina Uhlhaas and Michael Sellen, Digital Communications - DPDHL Group

December 16 2021 - 3 pm

In marketing and communication, digital measurement differences between different tools and actors are commonplace. Professionals are used to differences of plus/minus 20%. But what happens when the measurement differences suddenly become several times larger? Is it due to the tools? Bots and click farms, cookies and content layers? Is it even possible to find the causes? Michael Sellen and Marina Uhlhaas, Digital ...

With what attitude to communicate attitude? Why Barmer provocatively promotes #inequality, how it does it, and what then happens in social.

Speaker: Maurizio Barucca, Head of Marketing - BARMER

November 25 2021 - 3 pm

If biological sex helps determine which symptoms we develop and how we are treated medically, then the consequence is clear: "The equal treatment of women and men must stop." It was clear to marketing director Maurizio Barucca and his campaign team at one of Germany's two largest health insurance companies that this gender message would be provocative on social media. And yet, with ...

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