"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

State of Engagement - how do digital platforms generate their "engagements"?

Digital excellence has many facets. One of them is the question of how good the content is that communications and marketing departments play out and promote via platforms on the web and social. The quality of a published content piece is usually measured by the so-called "engagements. We have analyzed how "engagements" behave in a comparison of platforms and [...].


Content Dashboard - the new control center for data-based control of content marketing

If you want to take a look at the management future in communication and marketing, especially of content marketing - here you go. Here are some screenshots from our Content Dashboard. WHAT DO WE SEE? We see the interactive and fully-integrated view of content (topics) and of marketing (paid media). We see, in aggregate or individually, all channels, all topics, all formats and budgets. [...]


Why 'KPI' are the key to 'transformation' - a picture

The connection between "data", "KPI" and "analytics" on the one hand, and the organization of communication and marketing on the other, seems complicated. But it is not. Because teams and companies have exactly 2 ways to deal with data from digital media, without success and with success: Without success: you can do nothing at all and, as a communications or marketing department, voluntarily remain in the channel silos [...]


Digitization is an attitude.

TLDR: A slide as a thank-you for a very impressive presentation by Philipp Schindera, Head of UK at Telekom, at the specialist group meeting Communication Controlling, he gave clear announcements about what "digitization" means in the company. Namely, nothing less than the abolition of traditional "corporate communications. In the future, UK will mean "corporate culture. What this very different new mission is all about can be [...]


February 12: Communicators, off to Munich!

The next specialist day of the Web Excellenec Forum is just around the corner. We and you can look forward to two packed days at Siemens in Munich under the motto "Communicate transformation. Transforming Communication." Details and agenda for the conference of the "most important platform for digital communication" can be found here.


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