"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

MIIA Awards - .companion shortlisted twice for marketing intelligence

companion is nominated twice as best pioneer in "measurability of digital marketing". We are looking forward to this year's Marketing Intelligence & Innovation Awards (MIIA). Content.ONE, our universal KPI system for cross-channel evaluation and forecasting of digital media performance, is nominated in the categories "Marketing Intelligence of the Year" and "Data and Analytics"! If you want to know more, here are 3 slides.


"Comply or Die?" - P&G threatens digital advertising with budget withdrawal

TLDR: A remarkable speech from P&G's chief brand officer. Not the usual inconsequential lament about the untenable state of affairs in the world of digital advertising. Instead, an advertiser speaks of his own complicity in the "digital junk" - and draws all the conclusions he can on his own. One year time to all suppliers to meet 4 demands. "Comply or Die".


Content marketing currency: "Very helpful, like a contrast agent"

TLDR: W&V reports on our "work" on a currency for content marketing. Yes, indeed, it exists, the currency is called Content.ONE and it makes communication across all channels comparable. But no, we're not working on it, it's already ready. As of 2017, every company can have every campaign evaluated according to the new standard.


Communication at war - 35% bots on Twitter in US, 20% in EU?

TLDR: For the Web Excellence Forum, .companion examined 2 samples on the resonance on Twitter. The results probably surprise only a few experts, but for social media priests they mean real #new territory. Robots have a significant influence on media resonance. The seemingly objective performance indicators are also massively manipulated here. Welcome to the matrix.


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