"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

Content marketing audit - put data in the driver's seat for 2019. now. Now.

If you want to learn how content strategy and media strategy can be checked and aligned quickly and neutrally using data, this way. Our Content Marketing Audit combines dashboard and workshop. After 5 days, you get a dashboard that makes ALL digital channels comparable. You go to a strategy workshop after 3 weeks with all the 2018 performance data interpreted. a dream? [...]


Data driver in interview: "My mission is to sort out the digital chaos".

Justus, Mr. Communication Strategy at .companion, has been a management consultant with us for 6 years. Together with the Data Driven Teams of his clients, he analyzes the ongoing content marketing of Bosch, Merck or Covestro, among others. Nevertheless, he had time for a short conversation. Mr. Communication Strategysince 1997 in the digital business. He has held senior marketing and media roles at companies including [...]


Digital metrics - almost always part of the problem. Why not the solution?

In a long text, as is often the case with us, it is about the company's internal view of key figures, analytics and "data-driven". If you scroll straight down, you'll find our method for a lean strategy project, the Content Marketing Audit. A smart thing to do for your 2019 annual planning. Synchronizing digital marketing communications - a mammoth task. Owned, Web, Earned, Paid, Organic, Native, Display, Video, Search, Social Media...who [...]


Digital pioneer. A report from the workshop of our customer Bosch (complete article).

PR-Report features a workshop report from a not unprominent company. It should be of great interest to all those responsible for content marketing and digital media. It comes from one of the most successful departments for digital marketing communication ever - Bosch. This way to the complete article as pdf. The background of a great transformation success Bosch is not just anyone in the content marketing environment. [...]


Content Dashboard - the new control center for data-based control of content marketing

If you want to take a look at the management future in communication and marketing, especially of content marketing - here you go. Here are some screenshots from our Content Dashboard. WHAT DO WE SEE? We see the interactive and fully-integrated view of content (topics) and of marketing (paid media). We see, in aggregate or individually, all channels, all topics, all formats and budgets. [...]


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