More advertising impact for your media money!

Click-based performance measurement is not enough, as we now know, even in the online silo. Silo measurement, online only, is not enough either. Campaigns with significant media budgets need cross-genre proof of impact and efficiency. Media plans need to be reviewed and non-comparable statements about advertising impact need to be abolished.

Media Impact Benchmark is our service for the neutral measurement and evaluation of advertising impact. We measure and survey with a methodological competence that is so comprehensive that we also support the development of the OWM and OMG advertising impact standard. And we analyze with completely proprietary technology.

As a truly neutral authority, we provide clear answers on the media budget at management level. For example, to the following questions:

  • Was the media budget effectively used and targeted?
  • How well did different advertising media work on brand building?
  • How well did different advertising formats work?
  • How do the additional expenses for targeting actually pay off?

The difference

  • Profiled market researchers and methods in scientific quality
  • Derivation of concrete recommendations for action regarding media strategy and tactics
  • Guaranteed neutral media consulting in management quality and on management level
  • Explore advertising impact with the developers of the future standard from OWM and OMG

How it works

We develop an individual research concept based on your advertising objectives and your media planning. Preparation and implementation of our advertising impact study takes place in cooperation with your agency. The setup requires approx. 3 weeks.

If you would like to learn more about Media Impact Benchmark, we look forward to hearing from you. Your questions.