"Only marketing and innovation create results. All the rest is cost."

Peter F. Drucker

What to do for "Data-Driven"?

We are online pioneers since 1996 and support marketing and communication of companies in DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.

We deliver TEAMABLE REPORTS. Radically unified KPI and content tags. enable easy understanding, universal filtering and multiple evaluation perspectives. This is agile reporting to support individual controlling and content processes. "Unified Data" are the decisive key to digital communication success. This is proven by our award-winning customer Bosch, among others.

Our roles

As STRATEGY CONSULTANTS, we formulate goals with our clients and embed them in leadership, processes and decisions. We also implement your goals where they need to be measured: in your own web analytics and media listening tools.

As a DATA AGENCY, we deliver standardized, universally usable and fully automated reports on topics and campaigns - across all channels.

In the EXCELLENCE FORUM, our 2008 award-winning benchmarking circle for digital excellence, we compare the performance and impact of 20 companies' own communications. Our technology processes approx. 4 billion visual contacts annually.

Our own transformation has a clear goal: we are on our way to becoming the first automated marketing consultant. It's not far until then, read our bot texts.

Our services

Data driven Strategy

  • Potential analyses to determine goals in marketing and communication
  • Content & channel audits to evaluate actual and target organization in MarComm
  • Online surveys and content analysis for the evaluation of brand goals & for the analysis of target group needs
  • Unified KPI control systems for omnichannel management of marketing & communication
  • Data Driven Consulting: Organization, Processes, Systems, Goals, KPI...
  • Benchmarking in the Excellence Forum - compare communications performance and K.Impact - across Web, Social, Paid and Earned.


  • Dashboard as a Service: instantly manage by topic and campaign, across all channels & levels. Universal, simplified and automated with our exclusive Content.ONE benchmarking system.
  • Beyond Dashboard Services: fully automated KPI analyses and interpretations, as management slides or easy-to-understand text, written by Content.ONE Bots.
  • Ad Hoc analyses in daily business and Jours Fixes. Immediately and effortlessly thanks to universally filterable Content.ONE KPI
  • Tool setup and support: implement communication goals in web analytics and media listening.