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Our topic on 20 OCTOBER, 15:00:

Experimental Web Circle "Making Ideal Data Culture Measurable"

What is an ideal data culture in companies? What characteristics does it have? What values? Excellence Forum wants to answer this question together with company managers - and make it measurable. The first step towards this goal is this web circle. All participants will use an AI tool to help create a vision, a target image for an ideal data culture.

REGISTRATION TO WEB-CIRCLEExcellenceForum will use this target image in the future to make progress towards the ideal data culture measurable and visible.

This is made possible by our cooperation with At the last symposium, the start-up showed us the fascinating possibilities of AI-supported determination and measurement of characteristics and values. We are now using these possibilities for the Excellence Forum. In this web circle, we will use the tool live to generate the previously invisible themes and values that make up an ideal data culture from the input of all participating communicators.

In a somewhat longer follow-up meeting, we will discuss and evaluate the results and condense them into a common target picture for the Excellence Forum.
In the long term, we, typically Excellence Forum, will use the target picture as a resilient measurement tool to measure the progress that each Excellence company has made on the way to the ideal data culture.

Are these exciting perspectives?
We look forward to the participation of as many pioneers as possible!
Since we only have a limited number of seats, this Web Circle is reserved for paying Excellence Forum participants in case of doubt.

Yours Michael Heine
Founder Excellence Forum - Standards for Digital Excellence.


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