"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

Internal controversies - at what point does Corp Comm react? And if so: how?

Speaker: Jens Tangemann, Head of Digital Channel Management - Deutsche Bank

April 28 2022 - 3 pm

For "Die Internne", the promotion of "Speak-up Culture" is the order of the day. Employees should be able to say what they think and show what they stand for. But what happens when employees stir up controversy that floods internal comment columns? What if the tone gets rough, political or polarizing debates get out of hand? Is netiquette enough to moderate this? [...]

Agile reporting - the key to data-driven communication

A new concept is making its way into day-to-day business: #AgilesReporting. Agile reporting is first and foremost a new, universally adaptable and automatable form of reporting. It supports continuously changing questions and decisions of any stakeholder in marketing and communication departments. Its basis is completely standardized KPI and content tags. The path to agile reporting starts with a simple question. Which decisions should [...]


Transformation is communication. What does that mean for the organization of DATEV Corp Comm? A workshop discussion with the Heads of Communication & Transformation.

Speaker: Christian Buggisch, Head of Corporate Communications and Christian Kaiser, Head of Diversity & Transformation, DATEV eG

23 September 2021 - 3 pm

Does the transformation require centrally controlled corporate communications? Or will it be replaced by decentralized constant over-communication? In this Web Circle, Christian Buggisch and Christian Kaiser tell how they answered this question in the transformation design #DATEVlernt by means of cooperation. And how it came to the current status: asynchronous and synchronous exchange in a Change@DATEV community.

Disruption - and then? KION's digital transformation and the role of communication.

Speaker: Frank Grodzki , Head of External Communications & Group Newsroom - KION Group

June 17 2021 - 3 pm

The KION Group is undergoing rapid and successful change. A global intralogistics group for fully automated and CO2-neutral warehouses is emerging from a mechanical engineering company. Sensor technology and robotics, big data and service clouds determine the direction for customers and employees. Communication plays a crucial role in this process. How can and should it make this drastic change visible, drive it [...]

Case study: how Apple organizes innovation and speed

Harvard Business Review has a very interesting and thought-provoking case study on Apple's organization. Here is our summary: And here is the link to the article. #transformation. If you wonder what this kind of leadership looks like in practice, you can also look at BioNtech. From an interview by Matthias Döpfner with the founders (today in WELT): "Döpfner: You [...]


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