"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

Agile reporting - the key to data-driven communication

A new concept is making its way into day-to-day business: #AgilesReporting. Agile reporting is first and foremost a new, universally adaptable and automatable form of reporting. It supports continuously changing questions and decisions of any stakeholder in marketing and communication departments. Its basis is completely standardized KPI and content tags. The path to agile reporting starts with a simple question. Which decisions should [...]


The Twitter Engagement Shift of 2020

Quite useful background info for #DigitalCommunicators and #KPILovers. You might have wondered why your organic reach in Twitter decayed over the last months. And maybe why your Twitter engagement rates exploded. Well, it looks like Twitter manipulated their algorithm. See below: aggregated averages of some 73 million organic twitter impressions within Excellence Forum, our #CorpComm benchmarking-circle. #datadriven #DigitalExcellence


Does the industry have the wrong understanding of user engagement?

We asked ourselves, "What's actually behind engagement rates? And how do different platforms actually generate their engagement?" To do this, we took a look at our Content.ONE data and generated a simple evaluation, comparing all engagement types across all platforms. Our blog post on the frequency of different engagement types can be found here. On the same topic, here's an article by Jürgen [...]


The Adidas Case: An End to Data-driven Nonsense?

Here is the Horizon guest article - THERE is the annotated presentation video. Adidas' announcement that the brand has overinvested in online performance advertising in recent years is driving the industry. Companion CEO Michael Heine hopes that the sports retailer's strategic shift will lead other corporate executives to return to the basics: Namely, managing their brands. Guest article by [...]


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