"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

KPI - Key Problem Indicators. What to do when data contradict each other?

Speaker: Marina Uhlhaas and Michael Sellen, Digital Communications - DPDHL Group

December 16 2021 - 3 pm

In marketing and communication, digital measurement differences between different tools and actors are commonplace. Professionals are used to differences of plus/minus 20%. But what happens when the measurement differences suddenly become several times larger? Is it due to the tools? Bots and click farms, cookies and content layers? Is it even possible to find the causes? Michael Sellen and Marina Uhlhaas, Digital [...]

Scenes of a marriage? How communication and marketing shape the Swiss Life newsroom. Forum discussion with both CvDs.

Speaker: Beate Berez and Frank Brückner, Heads of Service in the Corporate Newsroom - Swiss Life

August 19 2021 - 3 pm

SWISS LIFE operates what others are still planning - a joint newsroom for two disparate communications disciplines: Corp Comm here, Marketing there. The joint budget for messaging, campaigns, publishing and analytics is managed by two heads of department. Both report exciting experiences in an organization that has integrated communications for years.

Disruption - and then? KION's digital transformation and the role of communication.

Speaker: Frank Grodzki , Head of External Communications & Group Newsroom - KION Group

June 17 2021 - 3 pm

The KION Group is undergoing rapid and successful change. A global intralogistics group for fully automated and CO2-neutral warehouses is emerging from a mechanical engineering company. Sensor technology and robotics, big data and service clouds determine the direction for customers and employees. Communication plays a crucial role in this process. How can and should it make this drastic change visible, drive it [...]

How Covestro effectively communicates SDGs and the role water plays in this - discussion of case studies with the Covestro team.

Speaker: Dr. Jens Peter Joschek, Head of Innovation Excellence, and Janine Jarych, Petra Schäfer and Lars Bölke, Corporate Communications - Covestro

May 20, 2021 - 3 pm

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) concern everyone. SDG measures are crucial - and so is their successful communication. How to successfully link a chemical company like Covestro with the goal of sustainability, where to start, and how to effectively prepare SDG content - that's what the entire Covestro team presents with case studies from their own projects.

Automating communication with Sprinklr - a field report from Siemens Mobility

Speaker: Florian Hiessl, VP Digital Communications & Patrick Schramm, Manager Digital Communications - Siemens Mobility

April 15, 2021 - 3:00 pm

Controlling communication and content flow is becoming increasingly challenging, and processes are becoming faster and more complex. What do such processes look like at Siemens and how well can a tool like Sprinklr actually support them in day-to-day operations? A workshop report with concrete tool insights into content planning, placement and reporting. Intro by Florian Hießl; application presentation by Patrick Schramm.

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