"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

Digital pioneer. A report from the workshop of our customer Bosch (complete article).

PR-Report features a workshop report from a not unprominent company. It should be of great interest to all those responsible for content marketing and digital media. It comes from one of the most successful departments for digital marketing communication ever - Bosch. This way to the complete article as pdf. The background of a great transformation success Bosch is not just anyone in the content marketing environment. [...]


Content marketing budgets - out of the gray area

TLDR: Our manager survey "Organization for Content Marketing" shows that content marketing budgets are managed inconsistently in large German companies. The surprise: today's 52% undecided Corp Comms with a balanced mix will decide more clearly in the future. Some for more reach, others for better content. The gray area of "both and" is shrinking. Time for decisions.


Communication teams meet every 11 minutes via Web Excellence

TLDR: Can our corporate initiative Web Excellence Forum actually only KPI, research and benchmarking? No, we also bring together knowledge and experience. And we're already looking forward to the next specialist day in June, with more than 40 comms managers from companies. To exclusive speakers. And to insights that are only available here.


Content marketing readiness - get out of the matrix!

TLDR: Companies need to integrate their performance measurement to get ready to launch. That's one finding of the Content Marketing Readiness Study, which .companion is unveiling this week. Here's the latest Horizon interview on the topic.


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