CMO Barometer 2022: .companion supports all top priorities of CMOs - directly and immediately

The Serviceplan Group's annual CMO Barometer is a delightfully unexciting, clear, bullshit-bingo-free, i.e. overall very useful tool for orientation in turbulent times. The barometer asks marketing bosses in D/A/CH 6 simple questions about their priorities in managing marketing activities. For 2022, 288 respondents (a quarter of them from large companies with more than 10k MA) gave an outlook that fully confirms our course.

Brand, digital transformation and employee leadership are The Three Most Important CMo Tasks 2022

Sustainability communication, data-driven marketing and digital transformation are the 3 TOP trending topics for marketing managers

And How do .companion and Excellence Forum support these priorities?

  • Brand building and strengthening:
    we use monitoring tools of your choice to measure the visibility of brands in the target contexts in which the brand is to be positioned. And our bots create fully automated market reports from this.
  • digital transformation and management of employees:
    our bots provide #agile reporting. They deliver data to companies in such a way that it supports every role and function in marketing and communications with precision. Then data makes everyday work easier, it changes the decision criteria and thus the culture. "Data-driven" leads away from (informal) power to data-based decisions. In this way, data supports the change to agile and project-based collaboration.
  • Sustainability:
    we measure the visibility of more than 1000 global brands in the context of "Sustainability". The SDG Monitor is the monthly benchmarking service in the Excellence Forum.