KPI - Key Problem Indicators. What to do when data contradict each other?

In marketing and communication, digital measurement differences between different tools and actors are commonplace. Professionals are used to differences of plus/minus 20%. But what happens when the measurement differences suddenly become several times larger? Is it due to the tools? Bots and click farms, cookies and content layers? Is it even possible to find the causes?
Michael Sellen and Marina Uhlhaas, Digital Communications Manager at DPDHL, are always on the lookout for valid measurement results and would like to openly discuss the extent to which the topic of measurement differences is present in the everyday work of each individual. In which companies do they exist? Where do they occur? And above all: how do companies deal with them? For this web circle, the Excellence Forum is looking forward to an exciting exchange of experiences on a topic that is of great concern to communications and the advertising industry.

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